SAL PAP bread basket

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Salvadoran ancestors possessed a rich textile tradition, creating various products adorned with a wide array of designs and colors. Fabric illustrations hold an iconic status in El Salvador.

Fabric, serving as the foundation, is employed in crafting diverse items, including clothing, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, and the well-known hammocks native to the area.

This process involves the use of a pedal-powered loom, producing textiles in various sizes and colors.

PAPAKI has been dedicated to photography, capturing images of the land where they were born, its people, and traditions. Beaches, hills, flowers, traditional dishes, celebrations, churches; they have all been his subjects and are preserved in this record forever.

They have wanted to revive what represents the Salvadoran identity, searching for the happy memories that evoke nostalgia for their homeland in the everyday details.

They started as a project with friends who shared common interests. Their initial designs were created with the people in their community, and they strive to source all their materials locally. They believe that they can contribute to employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life for all of them involved in the development of their products.

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