GT Mayan Abundance Amulet in a Box

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Color Love

These Mayan good fortune amulets are made to enhance your intention to attract abundance, wealth, love, and health into your life. Each amulet has a positive universal message, inherited by our Mayan ancestors.

Each kit contains two Worry
Dolls made with love and dedication by artisan hands from Mayan descendants.
So, it is not a coincidence that you now have this amulet in your hands, it is a sign that there is a destiny of prosperity for you.

Open your arms with your palms facing toward the sky, holding the amulet, and ask for the purification of your soul, prosperity, harmony, health, abundance, and peace. Be thankful for all the blessings received each day and feel the energy of the elements essential to life: earth, water, fire and air.

This Guatemalan product is 100% handmade. Through the purchase of these products you are helping to support our artisans in maintaining a better life in education and wellness.