GT Maya Abundance Amulet

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Color Love

Our Mayan Grandparents say that gratitude is a devotion to fulfill a part of our mission in life. So open your arms with your palms towards the sky and ask for the purification of the soul, for the prosperity, harmony, health, abundance and for the peace of the world, and also for our spirituality and wisdom never lack, Be thankful for all the blessings received day to day and feel energetically in harmonize with Mother Earth wind, water and fire.

These are Guatemalan products 100% handmade which help our artisans maintaining a better life in education and wellness. This economic benefit has also helped to stop, in a great way, the current phenomenon of migration to other countries. Nowadays with fewer tourists around to buy Guatemalan handicrafts as souvenirs, artisans are taking a huge hit. Nevertheless, you can still acquire your own authentic Mayan keepsake and support Guatemalan artisans from afar, and even at this time.