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Coffee box

Wooden tea box with a dark or light tincture and colorful birds design.

Artesanías Paty is a craft workshop in La Palma Chalatenango, El Salvador focused to the elaboration of high quality handmade crafts with more than 20 years in the field. Each of our crafts carry the historical touch of the city known as the "Crib of Peace" due to the fact that the first peace dialogs in the armed conflict or the 1980s happened in La Palma. It's because of this that the pieces carry the iconography proposed by the renown artist Fernando Llort during that time. However, it's worth mentioning that nowadays innovation has been necessary, to update the iconography and find new and exciting ways to express our traditions and beliefs, which is why Artesanias Paty gives to our clients a brand of innovative pieces with different graphical or structural enhancements without losing their identity as La Palma craft

Dimensions: 10.5" tall