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Escarabazul Involves handmade fabrics as a new alternative to design various products for the home, office, women and girls, creating innovative, avant-garde and daring pieces.

The fabrics are made in various looms that make them traditional and non-traditional fabrics, as well as some natural fabrics that come from various vegetable fibers, the use of very varied raw materials as new alternatives following a line of eco-friendly materials or reuse to mention we have:

  • Biodegradable such as: Tule, wicker, paste, coconut tree, water hyacinth, seeds among others.
  • Recycled: plastic bags, scraps of fabric and copper wire.

Designing eco-friendly products, creating unique and exclusive products.

ESCARABAZUL with the slogan “Transformed and Combined Handmade Fabrics” synthesizes what is contemporary design within a circular economy and other products are under upcycling fashion all designed for those people looking to make a difference.