PA Panama "Wounaan" Baskets

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The Wounaan Baskets are known to be one of the finest baskets in the world.  Each basket is a unique piece of art; the colours are very natural, and there is a great variety of designs; some are ancient designs, and others are out of the artist's wisdom.  They range in size from plates to tall

The Wounaan Natives from the Darien Rainforest, Panama and the Embera Indians are master artisans; they handmade these fine woven baskets (Wounaan), masks and plates made from the strands of the black palm known as the "chunga" plant, the work normally takes the artisan months up to years to be completed.  The weaving is so tight that the baskets can hold water.  The women are well known for their baskets, and the men are well known for the Cocobolo wood and Taguas.  The artworks of the Wounaan are true pieces of art, and the Embera are very talented artisans.