Orca Glass Panel - Corey Bulpitt

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DIMENSIONS28" X 24.5" X 5"

Cultural OriginHaida, Naikun Raven Clan

Type: Original sculpture

Description: This glass panel represents a supernatural killer whale, and it has the hole in the fin., representing an association with the supernatural realm.
The killer whales were servants to "The One in the Sea" one of our most revered supernatural beings. Killer Whale belongs to both the Eagle and Raven moieties of the Haida and is one of the first used crests. Killer Whales are depicted differently, depending on affiliation to a particular clan. Killer Whales associated with Eagle Clan have a white stripe across their dorsal fin, whereas those correlated with Raven Clan are black and do not have the stripe. A Killer Whale with a hole in his fin is associated with the supernatural realm.