Essential Oils

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These handcrafted, fragrant essential oils are perfect for your aromatherapy needs. With an array of smells, there is one for everyone! They come in 10-milliliter bottles and are handmade in Canada by Monague Native Crafts, which is a 100% Native-owned company. 

Sweetgrass: Uplifting and extremely energetically protective, powerful for space clearing and smudging

Sage: Great medicinal usage, easing muscular and joint pain, eliminating toxins, and a lot of other uses

Cedar: Amazing natural pesticide and a lot of medicinal uses for acne treatment, pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, better sleep, hair growth, etc

Lavender and Wildflowers: This sweet-smelling oil can help relieve stress and has antiseptic properties (good for minor burns and bug bites)

Power Blend: Blend of sage, sweetgrass and cedar, combining all of their properties into one powerful oil

Honeysuckle Rose: Honeysuckle can help soothe headaches, reduce inflammation, protect the skin and boost hair strength, while Rose is stress-relieving and calming

Sandalwood: Used to encourage relaxation and mental clarity and has a cooling effect

Sandalwood and Cedar: This oil combines the power of sandalwood and cedar oils into one bottle for a delicate, herbal smell that has many benefits

Vanilla and Sweetgrass: Fresh and clean, this combined oil is perfect to clear energies and spaces and to promote relaxation