Buffalo Spirits - Russell Noganosh

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Size 18" x 12"

Cultural Background: Algonquin/Ojibway

From: Henvey Inet, Ontario


Anishnaabe artist Russell M. Noganosh was born in his grandmother’s home on Henvey Inlet First Nation in 1956. In 1979, Russell apprenticed under Isaac Bignell from The Pas, Manitoba, where he first learned the sponge technique of painting, and for the next 40 years he dedicated himself to perfecting and forming his own style of contemporary and traditional art themes.  Russell works with acrylic on canvas, paper, birch bark, fungus and hide, using traditional and contemporary themes.

Russell has created paintings for many charities and organizations throughout Canada and United States. Russell continues to be recognized for his artistic talents by being featured on various book covers, magazines and commissioned for many awards projects.