Beaded Dream Catcher with Feather Charms

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Color Brown

1.5" Brown Dreamcatcher detailed with glass beads and feather metal charms and a semi-precious stone in the centre of the web.

Traditionally, a dreamcatcher is hung over the bed to protect sleeping people, especially children, from nightmares. In Indigenous culture the dreamcatcher is designed to capture bad dreams in the web, and allow good dreams to filter through the feathers to the sleeper.

These unique handmade Dream Catchers are delicate and breathtaking. Adorned with crystals (amethyst for the purple and turquoise for the blue), beads and feather charms, these handicrafts will surely be a great addition to your home as a wall hanging decor, a great car ornament, or simply a specialty gift for any occasion.

The dream catcher is 1.5 inches, and 6 inches long

Handcrafted in Canada by Monague Native Crafts, 100% Native Owned