By Indigenous Women of Canada and the Americas.

This month of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world, shop hand crafted products by Indigenous Women Artists

MMIWG Ribbon Skirt
'Every Child Matters' Sweatshirt by Rachel Morin Size L
Hand-made Ribbon Skirts and Sweatshirts by Rachel Morin better known in social media as (Beadzbyblueberrae)

About us


We are a social enterprise of artisan workmanship of Indigenous peoples of Canada and the Americas.

We aim to empower Indigenous women artisans so they can live with dignity, support their families and build thriving communities.

We keep traditions alive while celebrating our shared values and history.

Sustainable development practices grow financial stability, inciting social change, we believe there is transformative power in every purchase we make.


The Dora Durocher Collection

Dora Durocher is an indigenous artisan from Beauval, Saskatchewan.

She specializes in Bead Work and Ribbon Skirts. 

Our Showroom

120 Prom. Du Portage, Gatineau, QC J8X 2K1

(613) 707-7714

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fair trade

Artisans earn a fair living wage in safe working conditions.

International shipping

Shipping worldwide from Canada to your door.

Sisters in Spirit

Empowering Indigenous women and their communities.